Half Day Quail Hunt for up to three people hunting together (does not include meals or lodging): $800 total for a group of up to three hunters hunting together.

Full Day Quail Hunts consist of two half day hunts plus meals and lodging if needed, and can be split between one afternoon and the following morning. Full day quail hunt for up to three hunters (does not include meals or lodging): $1600 total for group of up to three hunters.

Overnight lodging with meals (including beer and wine): $200 per day per person.

Shotgun rentals: $50 per gun

Shells: $9+ per box depending on gauge

Styrofoam Coolers for cleaned/dressed birds: $6 per cooler

Prices include sales tax

Prices do not include gratuity

No limit on the number of birds harvested per hunt

All hunts include frozen and packaged birds

No Overkill or bird cleaning/packaging fees

A credit card is required to book any hunts

All credit card transactions will be subject to a 3% card processing fee

For booking, questions, or to request a quote on a full day or custom hunt package please Call Benji Alderman at (229) 891-4688

All hunters over the age of 16 are required by state law to possess either a state hunting license or a shooting preserve license/permit. Both are available for purchase online here:
Licenses can also be purchased by calling 800-366-2661.


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